Proxy P is a thematic fund manager with a specific focus on the Energy Transition (ET) theme, investing in renewable energy and energy technology related sectors, and aiming to deliver sustainable returns that compound over time.
Our mission is to invest globally in companies supporting Energy Transition and to help accelerate the migration from a fossil-based energy system to a greener, sustainable, and more efficient renewable one. We identify and invest in leading sustainable companies that support decarbonisation and a carbon-free economy. For us, sustainability and competitive returns go hand-in-hand.

  • SFDR Article 9 compliant

  • Thematic – supporting decarbonisation

  • Inclusion – we seek out companies that support the transition to a carbon free economy by focusing on three areas of Energy Transition: Renewables, Energy Efficiency and Electrification

  • UN SDG alignment with SDG 7 – support innovation for clean and affordable energy and SDG 13 – climate action

  • We are UN PRI signatory


The Sub-Fund's sustainable objective is to achieve positive environmental changes by fostering the transition occurring globally around the production, storage and distribution of energy from traditional sources of energy such as fossil fuels to more sustainable sources such as renewable energy. This is referred to as Energy Transition.
The Sub-Fund will gain exposure to companies which have activities that contribute to climate change mitigation and climate change adaptation.
Proxy P Management AB (the "Investment Manager”) will avoid investing in companies that cause significant harm to environmental or social objectives by applying an exclusion approach and will review the alignment of all investments to the sustainable objective using its proprietary scorecards.

Category of Product

Article 9 per EU 2019/2088 (SFDR) (n.b. the Sub-Fund is Article 9 under SFDR from 1 January 2023 and was previously Article 8 under SFDR) 

Sustainability Disclosures 

  • Article 9 (SFDR) website Pre-contractual disclosure 
  • Article 10 (SFDR) website disclosures of the Sub-Fund please find relevant document here
  • For disclosures of PAI-statements on entity level see  related sustainability policy section here
  • For disclosures of PAI-statements on fund level
  • Article 6a (SFDR) disclosures on sustainability risk and Article 5 (SFDR) pre-contractual disclosures in relation to compensation policy
  • Shareholder engagement policy

Archived Sustainability Disclosures

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