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  • Dan Lindström on DI tv 15.04.2019 (Swedish)

    Discussing current oil environment.

    Video DI tv

  • Monthly Market Review March-19

    Please find our market review below.

    Proxy P Monthly Review March-2019

  • ProxyPetroleum Energy wins Lipper fund award

    ProxyPetroleum Energy A is the 2019 winner for "Best fund over 3 years" in Equity Sector Energy in Nordics.

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  • Swedish Energy Specialist Launches Trio of L/S Products 14.02.2019

    Story in HedgeNordic about our new funds.

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  • Dan Lindström on Fill-or-Kill podcast 25.12.2018 (Swedish)

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  • Dan Lindström on DI tv 7.12.2018 (Swedish)

    OPEC meeting in focus.

    Video DI tv

  • Hans Berglund and Dan Lindström interviewed in Placera (Swedish)

    Iran sanctions and what happens next.

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  • ProxyPetroleum mentioned in Placera (Swedish)

    Winners on the oil rally

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  • Dan Lindström on DI tv 25.09.2018 (Swedish)

    Discussing oil and investment approach.

    Video DI tv

  • Dan Lindström interviewed on EFN 13.09.2018 (Swedish)

    The difference between oil and oil.

    Video EFN

  • ProxyPetroleum Energy ranked No. 1 on citywire

    ProxyPetroleum Energy is ranked No. 1 in one-year performance out of 137 equity-energy funds globally [July 17th 2018]. Read more...

  • ProxyPetroleum Energy reached No. 1 spot

    Our virtual oil and natural gas company ProxyPetroleum Energy was the top 12-month performer (out of 1313 funds) on the Avanza platform, a net return of 48.41 % [July 10th 2018]. Read more...


  • Dan Lindström on DI tv 12.06.2018 (Swedish)

    Discussing oil and OPEC

    Video DI tv

  • Aramco IPO at risk

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  • Article in Placera about Proxy P and the outlook for oil

    Dan Lindström, CEO of Proxy P Management, is being interviewed by Per Ståhl at Placera, part of Avanza.

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  • Dan Lindströms comments on Lundin Petroleum Q1 report 02.05.2018 (Swedish)

    Dans comments start from 3:30 in the video

    video DI tv

  • Dan Linström on DI ekonomistudion 30.04.2018 (Swedish)

    Discussing possible sanctions against Russian oil companies.

    Video DI tv

  • Dan Lindström interviewed on EFN 18.4.2018 (Swedish)

    Dan Lindström discussing the current oil market.

    Video EFN

  • Dan Lindstöm on DI tv 18.1.2018 (Swedish)

    Video DI tv

  • CEO Dan Lindström interviewed on EFN 6.12.2017 (Swedish)

    Video EFN